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  • What Are Custom-made Foot Orthotics?
    Foot orthotics are specially designed custom-made medical inserts that support your feet and provide proper balancing. It’s functionally purposed to focus on the foot posture in the desired manner to relieve foot pain, back pain, ankle pain, or even hip pain. Orthotics are for feet as glasses are for eyes, providing them the right position and posture. Custom orthotics as the name suggests are custom made and that’s why they come in a myriad of varieties, sizes, and shapes. Orthotics can be made of plastic, carbon made, or maybe soft foam which totally depends on the condition we are trying to treat.
  • What Types of Symptoms Can Orthotics Treat?
    If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, your doctor may recommend custom orthotics: Foot pain or inflammation or swelling Sharp heel pain (Plantar fasciitis) Flat foot or high arch Improper balance or often unexpected falls Shoes become uneven after some time of wearing Diabetic foot complication Leg or foot injury
  • How It Can Help Me?
    Orthotics are inserts in your footwear specially designed to support your foot’s natural structure. They change the pattern of forces and stresses throughout the musculoskeletal system, which can help you improve the way you stand or move. If you have foot pain, knee pain, low back pain, or ankle instability, you can benefit from orthotics.
  • Are There Differences Between Custom-Made Vs. Over-the-Counter Inserts
    There are over-the-counter shoe inserts which you can find in retail stores. They may be helpful in providing cushioning or preventing friction against your toes. However, they come pre-packaged and may not be effective in fixing your specific biomechanical issues or serious foot problems. On the other hand, there are shoe inserts tailored to your needs. These are Custom Orthotics that will fit correctly, address your specific foot problems, and allow your whole body to function properly. They provide custom support for the arches of your feet, distributing more evenly across it, which in turn prevent or relieve pain in target areas.
  • How long does it take to get the custom orthotics/insoles?
    You start by booking the appointment and then, after evaluation and measurement, your custom foot orthotics will go into manufacturing or construction of the type pf material requested. It generally takes 7 - 14 days to have your custom-made orthotics ready for you to come back in where we will ensure a perfect fit and comfort. Then we will handle any follow up visits and modifications, if needed.
  • Will my orthotics fit into all shoes?
    Our highly experienced Certified Pedorthists will assess your daily activities and make a recommendation on the type of shoes and orthotics that will suit you the best. Our aim is to provide you with custom-made orthotics that almost fits all of your shoes and therefore, you can wear them at all times irrespective of the wardrobe situation. The more you wear, the more your feet will thank you!
  • What are the Benefits of Bracing?
    Bracing is a treatment that can help increase your joint stability, improve alignment, and reduce excessive movements that could make your injuries worse. It also helps offload pressure by absorbing some of the force you might experience when you return to your daily activities. Through bracing, you can get back to playing your favorite sport or doing simple day-to-day activities more quickly and safely.
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